Tunnel the liquidity protocol connecting DeFi projects

Tunnel is a fork of popular Trinity Protocol that automatically generates liquidity for its native and partner pools, incentivizes holders and liquidity providers with instant yields, while sustaining its price through hourly market buy-backs.

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tunnel features

Auto Liquidity Generation

3% of every TNI transaction goes towards building the liquidity of the Uniswap TNI-ETH  or a partner pool

Passive Yield Generation

2% of each and every transaction on the Tunnel network gets instantly redistributed to all holders in proportion to your TNI holdings

Market Buys and Burns

TNI holders can call the Alchemize feature which removes 2% of liquidity from the TNI-ETH pool and uses the ETH to buyback and burn TNI (incentivized volume generation)

Tunnel Partners & INtegrations

Tunnel's use case as a defi connector

1. Partner Creates A Pool With TNI

In order for partners to reap the rewards of the TNI protocol, they must first market buy TNI and create a liquidity pool with their token

2. Tunnel Generates Liquidity For Partner Pool

The PARTNER-TNI pool gets whitelisted for a set number of days, and every transaction on the TNI network goes towards generating liquidity in the partner pool

3. Liquidity Providers Earn Treasury Rewards

Liquidity providers for the TNI-PARTNER pair will automatically be sent rewards from the interest generated from Tunnel's Liquidity Treasury

4. All TNI Holders and LPs Earn Yield

Trade volume accumulates on partner pools and every holder (including liquidity providers) earns TNI instantly and passively